A world of Fame, Fashion, Friends... and endless possibilities! Stardoll is home to the world's largest online fashion community.


Glorious Games, fashionable fun.
We provide creative outlets and lively digital environments for young and stylish communities.

Our story started in 2005 with a big hit. Back when our company was known as "Stardoll AB", we focused on our one dear product: stardoll.com

A pioneering online dress up game, Stardoll.com took the world by storm by providing a safe, friendly and fun environment for young girls to express their creativity. It soon exploded in popularity and became the world's #1 fashion game, and largest online fashion community with to date over 400 million registered members (and counting)! The Stardoll world is an extensive and very creative one, but as we saw our players grow and mature, we realized it was time to do the same. Stardoll has now become Glorious.

Still focusing on an audience usually overlooked by the gaming industry, we are now expanding our portfolio and creating new worlds of fun for the stylish and young at heart. Glorious Games Group was born in 2016, with a bright future ahead and full of promise.

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We enjoy creating worlds of fun and bringing communities together, but our passion is promoting self-expression and providing creative outlets for the stylish and young at heart.